360 chiptuning are here to turn your vehicle around. In some turbo charged vehicles we are able to achieve up to an extra 35% BHP and Torque. Additionally, the whole driveability of your vehicle will be improved by removing flat spots; making overtaking much safer.

Economy for fuel saving is another great benefit of chiptuning. Saving up to 20% mpg with our chip tuning in turbo charged vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and tractors.

We offer three chiptuning options:

“Power”, “Economy” or a “balanced mix of the two”

All the files we supply are custom tuned specifically for your vehicle and will remain untraceable to the main dealer when receiving an annual service.

As an approved dealer of Zaviz International you can trust our chip tuning ability. All of our tuned files are £5 million insurance backed.

Zaviz International has an extensive worldwide dealer network with thousands of very satisfied customers so you only get quality from us at 360 chiptuning.



Experience all of the benefits of chiptuning the affordable way by heading direct to us. Chiptuning is the easy and cost effective way to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, and whether you opt for power tuning, economy tuning or a combination of both, you can enjoy driving like never before.

Diesel tuning

Come to 360 chiptuning for all your diesel tuning needs and you can increase your vehicle’s BHP and Torque by up to 35%. Diesel tuning can also help your fuel to go much further, and as we offer a range of services, you can trust us to provide you with the best service for your vehicle AND your bank balance.


Give your vehicle a major boost without the major price tag with remapping from 360 chiptuning. When you come to us for remapping, you can guarantee that you’re getting a fully personalised service, and with a 7 day money back guarantee and lifetime software warranty, you haven’t got anything to lose.

ECU remapping

When it comes to ECU remapping, we can guarantee that you won’t find a more affordable, personal or high level of service elsewhere. We are a fully approved Zaviz International dealership, so when you want to want your vehicle to perform to the best of its ability, make us your first and only choice for ECU remapping.

Chip Tuning

Looking for chip tuning which will transform your vehicle’s performance beyond recognition yet which won’t break the bank? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as our experts can provide you with chip tuning which is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of your vehicle, and which will enhance your driving experience and enhance fuel economy.